Next meeting October 12th

We have scheduled our next meeting for October 12th.  If you are interested in attending send an email to

Attending the September28th meeting:

  • Mimi Weiss Botkin
  • Arlene Rudoy Neil
  • Barbara Smith
  • Joe Fello
  • Shanna Whitman Chotiner
  • Larry Glanz
  • Alex Botkin

We heard information about venues gathered by Joe Fello, Larry Glanz, Debbie Hetrick Catanese, Pam Fisher Wagner, Mimi Botkin, Barbara Smith, and Alex Botkin.

Joe Fello will be the organizer for site visits.

The group discussed asking classmates for donations to help in reducing ticket costs was discussed.  Additional possible venues were discussed. Visits to the current Obama (our Peabody) were discussed. Planning for a group mail out were also discussed.