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Meeting Monday July 18th

The next meeting of the Reunion Committee is Monday July 18th at 7PM.  We will review the menu selection, our budget and if all is complete we will set the ticket price.

If you would like to attend, please send an email to

Meeting June 22nd

Reviewed next tasks, Found room blocks. Overview of budget and donations results.


  • Barbara Smith
  • Larry Glanz
  • Joe Fello
  • Arlene Rudoy Neil
  • Nancy Sharpe Cohen
  • Mimi Weiss Botkin
  • Ronna Casar Askin
  • Pam Fisher Wagner
  • Alex Botkin

Donate to the Reunion!

Your reunion committee is working diligently to make our 50th a knock-out party!  We have three major goals we would like to meet with your help:

  • We want it to be affordable for all.
  • We want as many people as possible  to come (OMG 50 years!).
  • We want it to be fun for everyone.

With these goals in mind, we are asking for your support to help get this party started! We will acknowledge your generous support on the web site and the evening’s program brochure.

With extra money, we hope to keep the price affordable for all, AND to offer a subsidy to classmates who otherwise might not be able to come and join the celebrations.

Donate Today!

20th Reunion Pictures

The pictures are taken from the video made at the reunion.  The VHS tape was sealed in a mayonnaise jar and kept on the front porch of Barbara Smith’s house…or something like that.


Next Meeting – January 19th

After the holidays we’re catching up and talking about the goals to come:

Lost Souls
Friday Night location
Name tags & programs
Web site participation

If you would like to join the group send a note to


Mail-out Complete

We completed the stuffing, (not Turkey Treat) to send out our snail mail Save-the-Date notices.  We are hoping that all these graduates will sign in to the web site and give us their email address which will help keep our costs low.

Attending the meeting:

  • Arlene Rudoy Neil
  • Mimi Weiss Botkin
  • Joe Fello
  • Sheri Migliore Fallon
  • Pam Fisher Wagner
  • Ellie Siegal
  • Alex Botkin